Carriwell Seamless Maternity Light Support Top

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Seamless Maternity Light Support Top

The ultimate all in one maternity pregnancy support band.

This simple but especially comfortably maternity top has been designed specifically to give extra support in the lower back region and light support under the tummy and breasts. Created to give you support, the textile in this maternity top is designed to expand as you grow throughout your pregnancy.

Support: The fabric cleverly supports targeted areas.

Stretch: The superior stretch allows for growth and ease of use. 

Posture: Improves posture by supporting the abdomen which results in reduced backache.

Comfort: The seamless design means there are no underwires, clips, seams, hooks or Velcro which may pinch or restrict circulation.

See what a maternity expert has to say about the Carriwell Seamless Maternity Light support top:

Sister Lilian: "A non-medicinal comfortable solution to reduce ligament pain, back ache and abdominal pressure during pregnancy"

Gentle: Gently lifts weight off the pelvis.

Exercise: Great for exercise as well as everyday use.

Soft: The smooth ultra-fine microfiber is soft to the skin.

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