I-Angel Front Teething Pad


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Rp 300.000


When growing up, your little ones will go through oral phase. This is a time when baby loves to bite, lick and suck a lot of things near his/ her mouth. 

For your baby comfort, i-Angel innovate 100% Organic Cotton Front Teething Pad with superb and useful features:

  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton
  • Rounding shape for softer touch with no sharp edges
  • Provide protection for the child and i-Angel carrier
  • Easily removable for washing
  • Machine washable
  • Compatible with all i-Angel Ranges: Josh, Denim, Mesh, Big Size, Irene and Rainbow
  • No bleaching and chemicals to safeguard your precious babies
  • Fully tested by Korea Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute
  • Made in Korea

Please note that only i-Angel accessories purchased in Indonesia will be covered by factory warranty.