BUDS Cradle Cap Rescue Oil


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Rp 289.900


Cradle Cap Rescue Oil

with Bisabolol, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E

Cradle cap is a form of eczema characterised by yellowish, oily, scaly patches of skin usually on baby's scalp but sometimes on the face and other parts of the body. It rarely itches but looks uncomfortable. Our Cradle Cap Rescue Oil is designed to be applied to baby's scalp for deep moisturisation and accelerated healing. Leave it on overnight then rub our Cradle Cap Cleansing Lotion with warm water on affected area to remove excess oil during baby's next bath.


Cradle cap is a combined side effect of dryness and the rapid growth babies go through in the first few months of their lives. This results in cracking of the skin and the flakes are the skin's over-attempt at recovery. This easily absorbed, deeply moisturising Cradle Cap Rescue Oil will prevent further cracking and soothe existing discomfort.

How to use :

Gently massage in a circular motion with your fingertips, a generous amount onto baby's scalp.