FertileMind Belly Belt Combo Kit


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Rp 299.000


BellyBelt Combo - The ultimate maternity wear solution!

GREAT VALUE. Belly Belt is the only solution that offers a COMPLETE kit, with all you need to turn button fastening AND slide fastening pants & jeans into maternity wear. Belly Belt keeps you covered with THREE panels in denim, black and white to coordinate with your wardrobe.

Wear your favourite jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts for longer with our Belly Belt - button kit. A clever combo kit that cut down on the cost of maternity wear and make you feel a lot better by being able to fit into your much loved clothes during and after your pregnancy. 

Clever little stretchy belts button onto your existing front, side, or back waist fastening. Simply slip on a choice of 3 fabric panels in useful colours to co-ordinate with key basics. Tuck the gently ruched fabric into the open zip area giving you  extra space and discreet comfort just where you need it. Ideal under a jacket or long shirt to make your clothes go further.


  • BellyBelt now offers even more choice for Mums-to-be.
  • Ideal for jeans and casual wear, and also offers slide belts to extend your working wardrobe of trousers and skirts.
  • Each kit contains all you need to wear most types of pants and skirts.
  • Strong quality elastic means BellyBelt offers just the right resistance.
  • Environmentally conscious - get maximum use from garments you already have.